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Fashion and functionality that fits your life

  • eyewear

    Gates brings together a vast and constantly evolving collection of design and quality-focussed sunglasses and spectacles for the discerning wearer.

  • seeing

    Different ways to see - glasses, contact lenses, orthokeratology, sports eyewear, sports vision training.

  • eyehealth

    Comprehensive eye examinations and clinical eye health care by NZAO optometrists.

We know sport


Gates Eyewear Optometrist Jeremy Wong is the only Sports Vision specialist in Auckland accredited by High Performance Sports NZ. His clients include Olympic and professional athletes. Testimonial. He also helps weekend warriors and recreational sportsman who are passionate and serious about their sport read moreHe has written articles for NZ Triathlete Magazine and Golf Update.

Comprehensive Eye Exams


Your eyecare is our priority. Using sophisticated, state of the art eye examining equipment, your eye examination includes how your eyes focus and the health of them, not just how well they see. read more

Same day/one hour glasses

Kappa mod

Gates is unique in that we have an onsite lens glazing lab.


Gates’ industry leading lens technician can often make up your glasses in the same day or in many cases, within the hour. They have helped many a tourist who has lost or broken their glasses and needed urgent replacements. read more

Lenses & Contacts

contact lenses

With access to the very latest technology and state of the art measuring equipment, Gates can offer you the best vision in your glasses or contact lenses. We use world class spectacle lens companies like Hoya, Essilor, Shamir and Zeiss. read more


The world of contact lenses is always evolving. There are contact lenses for sport, monthly, daily or occasional use. Choices include coloured, progressive/multifocal for reading and seeing in the distance, and torics to correct for astigmatism. We can trial contact lenses before you buy them to see if you like them. Brands we use include Johnson & Johnson, Ciba, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Gelflex and Miru



Want to do life or sport without wearing glasses or contacts or laser surgery?

Orthokeratology is where your cornea is temporarily reshaped overnight by wearing a gas permeable lens, in the morning the lens is removed to let you see comfortably and clearly the next day. It is being used worldwide to control the progression of myopia especially in children and teenagers.

More information about OrthoK: a video, how we do it and costs.