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Spectacle Lenses

With access to the very latest technology and state of the art measuring equipment, Gates can offer you the best vision in your glasses or contact lenses. We use world class spectacle lens companies like Hoya, Essilor, Shamir and Zeiss.


The optics from their progressive lenses is impressive and their antireflecitve antiscratch coatings are the best we have ever had. Occupational lenses are the best solution if you require a good field of view on your monitor and reading material.


There are lens coatings that block blue light getting to your eyes. This is emitted from LEDs found in computer screens, TVs, laptops, tablets and cell phones. There is research to suggest blue light may have a link to macular degeneration.


Options for sunglasses are huge. You can get constant tinted lenses found  in most sunglasses, graduated and mirror fashion tints, polarised lenses for driving and fishing, photochromatic lenses that change in different lighting conditions. The range of colours of tints and how dark they can be is endless. Let us talk these options through with you.


We can use super thin lenses that will cosmetically look great and weigh less.


For children we can use impact resistant lenses that are safe for school and play and even myovision lenses to help control myopia.