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blake-kuwahara-sunglasses Corbu in wheat

Blake Kuwahara Corbu sunglass, made in Japan. Crystal optical acetate encasing a wheat acetate.


Thierry Lasry French sunglasses, this rainbow coloured model is the Obessey.

OP Jaide sun

Oliver Peoples Jaide sunglass. This 1960’s-inspired feminine cat eye is crafted in a unique combination of acetate and metal.

OP Jacey

A glamorous, oversized design from Oliver Peoples, this ultra-feminine sunglass is inspired by styles worn by Hollywood icons, such as Audrey Hepburn.


American Dita Mach One. Inspired by the love of fast cars, quick boats and sleek planes that are built with advanced construction methods and superb materials.


Cartier Panthere sunglass with tortoiseshell front and champagne golden finish with gold plated Panther temples

Tag Heuer Urban sunglass gold

Tag Heuer Urban LRS sunglass. L for Link watch and RS for Racing Sport.

Serengeti San Remo

Serengeti San Remo sunglass with the famous polarised and photochromatic driving lenses.

blake-kuwahara-sunglasses-Eames Grey

Award winning eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara sunglass. Light blue crystal around a black/blue striated optical acetate.


Thierry Lasry handmade sunglass, the Swingy has clear blue and gold acetate.

OP Strathmore sunglass Guys

The Oliver Peoples Strathmore. A classic yet striking sunglass with a masculine air, designed for moments of cool sophistication.

OP Isabel Marant Sunglass

Collaboration with Oliver Peoples and fashion designer Isabel Marant this over sized feminine sunglass is handcrafted of fine lightweight metal, embracing the 1970’s.


Dita Magnifique, upswept but with a definite modern take that accentuates the difference. Handcrafted Japanese Acetate Frame And Temples


Cartier Santos Du Mont inspired aviator sunglass with ruthenium finish and detachable leather nosepiece.

Tag Heuer Urban sunglass blue

Tag Heuer Urban Legend, lightweight blue and black frame with flex hinge design.

Serengeti Sara

Serengeti utilise light weight frame materials and polarised lenses in this frame the Sara.