It’s thanks to our highly experienced team here at Gates Eyewear that we are able to offer the extensive and knowledgeable service that we are known for.  Our combined staff experience level is over 170 years.

Jeremy Wong, Owner Optometrist. Orhtokeratologist, Sport Vision and Sports Specific Eyewear Specialist
Jeremy Wong - Optometrist Owner, Orthokeratology, Sports Vision
Wendy Hill, Optometrist, TPA qualified
Wendy Hill - Optometrist, Ocular Therapeutics
Teresa Flanaghan, Optometrist, TPA theraputically qualified, Orthokeratologist
Teresa Flanagan - Optometrist, Ocular Therapeutics, Orthokeratology
Angela Garner, Optometrist and Orthokeratologist
Angela Garner - Optometrist, Orthokeratology
Nikku Singh - Optometrist, Ocular Therapeutics
Lee Pittard - Dispensing Optician
Ingrid Roberts - Dispensing Optician
Sarah Bale, Customer Service and Frame Stylist
Sarah Bale - Eyewear Stylist & Customer Service
Dan McCabe, Lab Technician
Dan McCabe - Lab Technician
Gemma Ji, Optical Dispenser and Optomertry student
Gemma Ji - Eyewear Stylist
Phillip Riley, Frame Stylist
Phillip Riley - Eyewear Stylist